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Field Day 2022

Elgin Amateur Radio Society from St Thomas, ON set up and operated from the Keystone Complex in Shedden, ON. Following are pictures of the antennas used, and then pictures of the three operating positions, we operated in class 3A ONS, 5W QRP battery.

Worth VE3BTC trying to make contacts on 20m SSB.

Dietmar VE3CG at the computer key making CW contacts.

Brad VE3NRJ trying to make contacts.

Check out local newspaper coverage of our Field Day efforts, look for the sub-section “Staying prepared” in Eric Bunnell’s People column in the St Thomas Times Journal, published June 23, 2022.

Field Day 2022

Location: Keystone Complex, Shedden, ON

Date: june 25-26, 2022

Time: 2 pm Saturday to 2 pm Sunday

What’s happening: Amateurs from the Elgin Amateur Radio Society (EARS) will be setting up stations and then operating in Field Day 2022 for 24 hours. All are welcome to join us in this annual get-together to have fun on the radio and meet again as a group. This is our first event since the beginning of COVID.

DX Report by VE3BTC/portable

Worth VE3BTC reports that he has worked New Zealand ZL2OK, Turkey YM4BVI and other stations in Europe from his portable operating position at Pine Tree Harbor. He was running 100 watts and using a Wolf River Coils vertical antenna.