Amplifier For Sale

Henry Radio 2kw amp

From the estate of Frank Krack VE3FWN (sk), this 2kw amplifier is for sale, best offer. Contact his son Mike Krack VE3RMS at for more details.



Bit of discussion at last meeting about NVIS. A research paper has been published and is available for reading on this topic


Field Day 2016

The results are in… see December 2016 QST. EARS competed in the 4A category battery powered and below are our results:



Items for Sale

Ray Else VA3RZ, a local ham, has the following items for sale. Contact him if you are interested in any items.




CF31CER, the station set up by the Elgin Amateur Radio Society to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Elgin Regiment is now QRT.

In total, 320 contacts were made, one of the last was with the club station at Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind. Any one looking for confirmation of your contact with our station should email us at with your call and contact number. Thanks for all the contacts from all of the operators of the station,

73 al ve3gam

CF31CER on 40m

Operated CF31CER yesterday (Sept 26) in the afternoon, The bands were not good. I did manage to make 12 contacts over a period of an hour though. All of my contacts were on 40m, tuned across the other bands and heard very little.

Only a few more days to activate the special call being used to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the Elgin Regiment here in St Thomas, Ontario. Look for us on the air Thursday evening this week. Last day of operation is the 30th. Thanks for all the contacts to everyone contacted, for a nice certificate to confirm the contact, send us your call and contact number to

73, al ve3gam

CF31CER on the air Schedule

On the air again…

CF31CER will be on the air from 2300Z Thurs Sept 22 to 0100Z Fri Sept 23 (7-9 pm EDT)

Primary frequencies to be used will be around 7.175 mhz on 40M and 14.240 mhz on 20M. I will be looking for a friend in Alberta on 14.140 at 2330Z. Give us a listen, then get our nice confirmation certificate by sending us your call and contact number to

Al ve3gam