CF31CER – Special Call

31st CER HQ

CME_CrestThe Elgin Amateur Radio Society (EARS) would like to announce that a special call CF31CER has been obtained to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Elgin Regiment, The Elgins 31st CER (Combat Engineers Regiment). This call will be used for the period of September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016. All operations will be conducted from the Regiment’s headquarters at 40 Wilson Avenue in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada. A special QSL will be available, QSL via

References: information about the regiment | wiki information

Field Day at W8CDX


NO3M created a 1930s Field Day vintage radio station for use in Field Day 2016. Nice looking station, certainly not minimalist and perhaps not totally chirp free, but it is nice looking job at such short notice.

Link: W8CDX Field Day 2016

2016 Field Day

2016 field day logo

EARS will be operating Field Day 2016 at the Keystone Complex in Shedden, ON from 10 AM Saturday June 25 until 12 noon Sunday June 26. Come on out and visit us.

Link to times when the Field Day bulletins will be sent out: 2016-w1aw-sked

QRP Build Projects

There are two ongoing QRP transceiver build projects.

The CWTD project is building a SW-30+ transceiver. This is the SWL rig, runs 2-3 watts and has a superhet receiver, and covers 35 khz on the 30 meter band. I have ordered one of these rigs and will be building it over the summer.


CWTD (Chat with the Designers) website
SW-30+ build project info
order page for a SW-30+ rig

The K7QO project is building a 1-watter transceiver. This is a VXO rig and runs 1 watt. Chuck has built one of these rigs for other bands as well.


K7QO website
qrp-tech Yahoo forum

KX2 – new Elecraft gem


Today Elecraft announced the new portable rig called the KX2. It is small but very powerful, details are available on the Elecraft site.

Crystal Radios

Been recently fascinated by crystal radios and Norman Field has published 6 Youtube videos in which he explores this early development part of radio.

Videos by Norman Field G4LQF







MUPPET PCB Board Construction

Chuck Adams K7QO has created a new technique for constructing printed circuit boards he calls Muppet construction.. “MUPPET Construction” is named for Manhattan-Ugly-Professional-Placement-Experimental-Technique for construction of electronic circuits. This is a technique for making PCB boards without the need to drill holes in the board. It combines the techniques used in manhattan construction, and a software layout program like ExpressPCB. Check out chapter 5 in the K7QO Lab Notebook for more information on Muppet construction. Chuck K7QO has now added videos to his K7QO Youtube Channel for a tutorial on MUPPET PCB construction.

CPO using the 555 Timer IC

555 Timer CPO

Using ExpressPCB, lay down traces for the IC pins (.060″), interconnecting lines (.030″) and SMT squares (.100″) for soldering points. For squares to be used as a ground, right click on it, select “Top layer pad select” and then click on “Thermal pad to ground plane”.

ExpressPCB board layout

Once the board layout is complete, click on the “ground plane” button, click on the left top corner, then click on top right corner, then bottom right corner, then top left corner again, finish it offf by right clicking. To change the default clearance values for traces and pads, go to Layout, then Board properties and change the values to .030″.

ExpressPCB board complete

Click on File and print the layout to a PDF file. This will create a PDF file with the board layout just created with black representing the part of the board not to be etched and the white parts are etched. Before the layout is to be printed and applied to the printed circuit board, it is necessary to flip the board left to right.

board print

To flip the image, in Paint, go to the Image option and flip horizontal option. Chuck Adams K7QO then prints this image off, trims the white border off the image and cuts a board to this size. He then uses a laminator to adhere the toner from the paper onto the PC board. After that, the board is etched and made ready for use. Check out his videos on his Youtube Channel for a demo of his process.

board flipped