Donated an old laptop to the Steam Centre here in St Thomas today, and mentioned that I was interested in looking at a distribution called “Ham Pi” by W3DJS Dave Slotter for the Raspberry Pi. I knew that the Steam Centre had done some work with the Raspberry Pi, and I first saw this distro mentioned in one of the videos on youtube by “Kevin Loughin” Ham Radio – HamPI, possibly the best general ham radio image for the raspberry pi.. When it was suggested that I could take one of the units home to play with, then I immediately accepted the offer. I was given a Raspberry Pi 3 model B, a display monitor, a mouse and keyboard. It was easy to set up and get running at home. Once that happened, I did have to get out to Walmart and pick up a 32 GB SD micro card, on which the Ham Pi distro was to be loaded. This has now been loaded and booted successfully. Now it is time to play with the new toy…


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Field Day 2020

Field Day 2020 was not held in the traditional sense of going out into the wilds, setting up temporary radio tents, blasting away for 24 hours and then returning home exhausted but with a big smile on your face.

Because of this year’s pandemic, group operation was out, individual operation from home was in. Many clubs are doing it this way, all scores for the individual club members are scored as an aggregate for the club score. As many operating from home would be operating in the 1D class, the rule re the 1D class has been altered to allow 1D-to-1D contacts for this year’s Field Day.

Pictures below show the station of Bill Bynsdorp VE3SRH EARS president’s setup at home:

Field Day 2020 VE3SRH

Field Day 2020 VE3SRH

Worth Chisholm VE3BTC using a Wolf River coil antenna successfully, worked someone in Nova Scotia:


Brad Seward VE3NRJ has a nice setup, running 5 watts CW QRP, using the club call VE3RSE:






Rick Shirran VE3NUZ reports that using 5 watts SSB is a tough slog against the 100-watter home stations, but he is sticking to it and hopes to make many contacts.

Rick’s pictures of his Field Day operation, running 5 watts QRP, battery for radio is solar powered, and antennas used were 80, 40 and 20m dipoles::










Thanks for your photos everyone, hope you all had a great time on Field Day 2020.

Youtube Ham Channels

Here is a nice list for Amateur Radio Websites to look at. They range from QRP, Military Radio’s-Amateur use, Space WX, General, Antennas and Survival Communication. All of these are a Youtube channel, this list is from Gil “Radio Prepper” in France.

Stay safe and have fun on the net in this lock down time.

73’s, Mike