Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Elgin Amateur Radio Society is being held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Officers Mess at the Elgin Regiment on Wilson Ave. in St Thomas, ON. We meet from September to June each year. See the right column for details on the next meeting. See you there?.


3 responses to “Next Meeting

  1. Worth Chisholm VE3BTC

    Thanks Al,
    Nice site, we’ll have to get some pictures like you suggest and hopefully guest speakers as time goes on. 73 Worth

  2. Worth Chisholm VE3BTC

    Hi Al, Don’t forget to update for the February 1st meeting. Thanks Worth

  3. Hello Allen
    Great Job on the web site, lot of information on a many subjects. Would you add our repeater frequencies for VE3STR,
    147.330 MHz and 443.825 MHz, both needs 114.8 tone input.

    Thank You
    Mike Lukasik, VA3MD

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