Elgin Amateur Radio Society

If you google ‘elgin amateur radio society’, you will soon find out that there was a club by that name in Elgin, Illinois. Looking at their web site, you will discover that this long standing club became extinct in 2007. You can read about their history on that site, although there does not seem to be any indication of what caused the club to fold that year, other than lack of new interest in the club.


One response to “Elgin Amateur Radio Society

  1. worth chisholm ve3btc

    Al, The next meeting scheduled for January 3rd wil need to be held at another location as the Elgin Regiment is closed through to January 9th 2012. The current thinking is to meet at Tim Horton’s at the intersection of Wilson Ave. and Elm Street. I’ll be putting out a notice to inform all the memebers at the end of December and will make note of any location change if required. 73 Worth ve3btc

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