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Field Day 2011


Come and join us in Shedden for Field Day 2011, June 25 2 pm to June 26 2 pm.


Every Single Minute

from an email to the ODXA group:

April 25, 2011

A historic amateur radio movie ‘Every Single Minute’, about Amateur Radio and emergency communications, is available on YouTube. Originally released in 2007 on Google Video it has recently been re-posted to YouTube.

In 1955, The Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club, an association of mobile amateur radio operators in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area in the US provided emergency communications during the devastating flooding along the Delaware River and in the Pocono Mountains following Hurricane Diane, the sixth costliest U.S. hurricane of the 20th century, fifty years before Hurricane Katrina.

In 1959, the club produced this short film to explain amateur radio, and especially mobile communications as practiced by the club.

The main film begins after a three minute interview with Jim Spencer, W3BBB, produced by a local cable channel many years later (Jim was a very young man W3QQH in the original film, and is now an SK. The W3QV/R VHF / UHF / Echolink repeater system is named in his memory).

W3QV/R: The Jim Spencer Memorial Repeater System
Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club
Every Single minute

FACEBOOK Data Center

facebook data center

Facebook’s new data center in Oregon, here is a link to an article on the new Facebook data center in the western state of Oregon.

Very impressive!