Wartime Radio: The Secret Listeners

From a post on QRP-L:

This is a 30-minute BBC documentary called “Wartime Radio: The Secret Listeners” made in 1979. Its about how ham radio operators set up the first intelligence gathering listening posts in WW1 and WW2. Pretty cool stuff that I’d never heard of. All they had then was cw and the UK govt recruited hams to be Voluntary Interceptors.

from the site:


Wartime Radio: The Secret Listeners

“Illustrated with archival film and photographs, as well as interviews with those involved, the documentary traces the evolution of civilian involvement in radio-based intelligence during both world wars.”



Ref: Elgin Military Museum


2 responses to “Wartime Radio: The Secret Listeners

  1. Thanks for the tip Al. I am going to look at this right now. I have been interested in this aspect of the radio world for some time and on the lookout for items.

    With the best of the season!

  2. Hi Catherine, pleased to meet you, and I have put a link to the Elgin Military Museum at the bottom of the article, will also add a link on the right side of the page. Looks like I will have to come down and visit the museum some time, and good luck with Project Ojibway.


    p.s. a friend of mine said he knew someone who was one of those volunteer informers.

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