Worth’s Handiwork

Worth talked about his new antennas at one of the club meetings and I asked him to forward me some pictures to post on the club web site. Well done Worth, nice work!






The shots are of the 2 meter, 220, 440 J-Pole antennas taken just before mounting the antenna nest in the attic. SWR on all antennas 1.2 to 1 or less as each antenna was cut for our repeater frequency. I drive them with my Kenwood TH-F6 and feed them with RG 213 U connected to a triplexer with the individual antenna connections made using RG 8X.

Thanks for your interest. 73 Worth VE3BTC


12 responses to “Worth’s Handiwork

  1. i just noticed that the coax center conductor (Top Photo) is connected at the shorter tubing. Would the be the other way around?

  2. Ryan, you can actually drive them either way, I’ve done both over the years and don’t really notice any appreciable difference in distance or pattern (not that I’ve done serious testing), however, and I don’t recall which, one way of loading is much easier to tune than the other! I recall even with an analyzer I was complaining about how much trouble I was getting it tuned for swr and close to a 59 ohm load 🙂
    Mike re W5NIG

  3. I would like to attempt to recreate this antenna, are plans available? Chuck N7CHS

  4. Hi Al,
    I used the following references for construction hints and design parameter….K0BET j-pole building 2 meter Copper Pipe Jpole and J pole antenna design calculator by K4ABT.

    Worth VE3BTC

  5. Michael Krochter

    I would love to build this, any plans you can share? Mike VE7MKD.

  6. Michael, check out the reply just before yours. Worth answers the question about what plans he used to build this?

    Al ve3gam

  7. 73’s Elgin Like the gentleman above, I interested in the plans for the J-pole project. I live in an HOA community and this might work for me. Thanks
    Joseph Veca KK6FYE

  8. I’m a new ham and am interested in this setup because it seems having a dedicated antenna for each band seems to have better results then a dual band jpole (the 70cm band seems to get the short end of the stick in dual band setups).

    My question Is about distance. Are those antennas close enough to pose a risk to other recievers if they are connected to separate radios? In other words if I tx on the 2m radio will it damage or harm the 70cm or 1.25m radios? The 2m/440 will probably go to the same radio, but the 220 is likely to go to a separate radio.

    Thanks for the photos and plans info!

  9. That is a beautiful thing would love to get the plans for this antenna sure could use it new ham here thanks pilgrim5@comcast.net

  10. How did you determine the spacing between the 3 antennas

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