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Field Day 2012

2012 Field Day

June 23-24, 2012

The club will be operating Field Day at Shedden’s Keystone Complex again this year. We will be setting up as a QRP station with 3-4 radios in use. Come and join us anytime between 2 pm on Saturday and noon on Sunday.



W7ZOI's 8640jr

8640jr schematic

QRP-Tech forum is working on a group project to build the 8640jr RF Signal Generator by Wes W7ZOI. To follow along with the project and perhaps work on other ones, check out the QRP-Tech forum on Yahoo groups. Here is a link to K7QO’s page documenting his build of this project.

Morse Code Day

morse code paddles

April 27th is Morse Code Day, to commemorate the birthday of Samuel Morse, inventor of Morse code.

World Amateur Radio Day


April 18 Is World Amateur Radio Day

The year 2012 marks the 87th anniversary of the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). To mark this occasion, the IARU and its more than 160 Member-Societies will celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on April 18. For many years, the IARU has declared a theme for each World Amateur Radio Day. The theme for 2012 is Amateur Radio Satellites: Celebrating 50 Years in Space in remembrance of the launch of OSCAR 1 on December 12, 1961 and the launch of OSCAR 2 on June 2, 1962.

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QRPp Journal


Chuck Adams K7QO has created copies of the NORCAL journal QRPp, with the permission of Doug Hendricks KI6DS. Check out the archives at this link. Enjoy.