Reverse Beacon Network

The Reverse Beacon Network is a revolutionary new idea. Instead of beacons actively transmitting signals, the RBN is a network of stations listening to the bands and reporting what stations they hear, when and how well.

Go to the Reverse Beacon web site.

home page home page

Click on Main in the top menu bar and you will be shown the page showing all spots of stations.

main page

reverse beacon main page

If you want to restrict the spots to a certain area, then click on “no filter selected, showing all spots” and you will be shown a screen where you can narrow down your choices of the spots being shown. For example, in my case, I have opted to only show spots for North America stations, on 40M CW only.

change select options

Select only North America 40M CW spots

When I click on “proceed”, the spots for 40M CW for North America only will be shown.

40M North America

40M CW North America spots

So, if you are calling without any answers, check out how you are being heard by the skimmer stations. If you are being heard by these stations, then the problem may be that no one is listening to your frequency at the time and not your transmitter. Neat, eh?


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