EARS Emergency Communications Test

June 8, 2012

Just a short note to thank all that participated in this morning’s emergency communications test.

We received a call from Ray Ormerod at 9:00 Am to activate our e-comm. net. The call went out requesting check-ins at approximately 9:09 and I immediately received a call from VE3WMP, followed by VE3EGQ. VE3WMP (Bill Park) was asked to act as net control and was deployed to Holy Angels 500 Talbot Street the crash site, VE3EGQ (Warren Doan) was deployed to 235 Burwell Road fire station 2 to relay traffic and VE3BTC (Worth Chisholm) was deployed to 305 Wellington Street fire station 1 to setup a base antenna system and net control was then transferred to VE3BTC at approximately 9:25 upon completion of the base antenna installation with all stations on net.

Additional check-ins were received from VA3MD (Mike Lukasik) mobile just prior to the e-comm. net activation and VA3TD Dave Tilley (Port Stanley), VE3VTH Tim Harvey (Sparta) VA3KQ Harold Tuthill (Aylmer) and VW3SRH Bill Bynsdorp mobile.

Ray Ormerod the emergency coordinator for the City of St. Thomas was on hand at fire station 1 and was impressed with our ability to establish the net and the quality of the communications being received within the city but also from Port Stanley, Sparta and Aylmer.

Our thanks was expressed to both Ray and Chief Broadbent for their interest and we know from their comments that they were impressed with our capabilities both at the local, county and provincial level.

The meeting with Ray Ormerod and Fire Chief Broadbent was concluded at 10:45 AM.

Thanks again, Worth VE3BTC


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