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Field Day at W8CDX


NO3M created a 1930s Field Day vintage radio station for use in Field Day 2016. Nice looking station, certainly not minimalist and perhaps not totally chirp free, but it is nice looking job at such short notice.

Link: W8CDX Field Day 2016


2016 Field Day

2016 field day logo

EARS will be operating Field Day 2016 at the Keystone Complex in Shedden, ON from 10 AM Saturday June 25 until 12 noon Sunday June 26. Come on out and visit us.

Link to times when the Field Day bulletins will be sent out: 2016-w1aw-sked

QRP Build Projects

There are two ongoing QRP transceiver build projects.

The CWTD project is building a SW-30+ transceiver. This is the SWL rig, runs 2-3 watts and has a superhet receiver, and covers 35 khz on the 30 meter band. I have ordered one of these rigs and will be building it over the summer.


CWTD (Chat with the Designers) website
SW-30+ build project info
order page for a SW-30+ rig

The K7QO project is building a 1-watter transceiver. This is a VXO rig and runs 1 watt. Chuck has built one of these rigs for other bands as well.


K7QO website
qrp-tech Yahoo forum