CF31CER on 40m

Operated CF31CER yesterday (Sept 26) in the afternoon, The bands were not good. I did manage to make 12 contacts over a period of an hour though. All of my contacts were on 40m, tuned across the other bands and heard very little.

Only a few more days to activate the special call being used to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the Elgin Regiment here in St Thomas, Ontario. Look for us on the air Thursday evening this week. Last day of operation is the 30th. Thanks for all the contacts to everyone contacted, for a nice certificate to confirm the contact, send us your call and contact number to

73, al ve3gam


6 responses to “CF31CER on 40m

  1. I have sent my qsl information,for the special event but have not received conformation. What am I doing wrong? Jim N8YHA contact NO. 50 9-10-2016 40 m

    • Hi Jim, Worth VE3BTC has been handling the confirmation certificates. I will forward your concern to him for followup. 73, al ve3gam

      • Hi Jim,

        Worth tells me that a confirmation certificate was sent to your email earlier. If you fail to find it or did not get it, we can resend it to you again. Let me know if you find it in your trash or spam folders in your email account, if not, then we will resend it. al ve3gam

  2. Wish I had known about this special event as I had attended the First Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment Guidon ceremony weekend three years ago.

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