Monthly Archives: November 2017

Field Day Results are In

We scored 3,170 points in the 2017 Field Day event, 252 contacts, 11 participants, in the ONS section. We participated in the 4A section, 4 transmitters, battery powered. For a full report on the 2017 Field Day, check QST December 2017.


ARRL International Grid Chase

ARRL just announced the ARRL International Grid Chase for 2018. The goal of the “grid chase” is to work as many grid squares as possible. Contest log submissions are required to be done using LOTW, for both parties. For all of the rules, click on the Link below.

Link to Announcements/Rules

Comment: Requiring both parties to log their contacts in LOTW and only then does the contact count towards your grid chase is a major restriction on contacts in this grid chase. QSLs don’t count, only LOTW contact entries count. What percent of those you might contact will actually be in the LOTW program? According to statistics on the LOTW home page, there are 100,000 users of LOTW, this represents a small minority of hams worldwide.