Elgin Amateur Radio Society is the amateur radio club of Elgin County and St Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Come out and join us in our variuos actiivities.

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  1. The new location – the Elgin Regiment/Officers Mess should be a good one for meetings, been there before for other groups.

  2. Jamie Troy MacLean

    I would love to come out and check this club out sometime. I am a Radio Broadcast student from Fanshawe College who lives in St. Thomas. I also work for a London Radio Station. Always had an interest in Amateur Radio. I look forward to sitting down and having a discussion with you all.

    Jamie Troy MacLean

    • Hi Jamie, club meets this Tuesday night at the Regiment 7:30-9 pm, then after at Timmies Elm and Wilson. Come on out and say hello, I plan to attend each of these gatherings and can introduce you to the group. al ve3gam
      ps special station set up at the regiment has been taken down. It was set up to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Elgin Regiment and was in operation from the 10th to today.

  3. Hello , I am just letting you know of a new page our Georgian Bay Club has posted…an up to date listing of active clubs in Ontario… I have your group listed, if there are any corrections etc please let me know..73 Tom

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