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Field Day Results are In

We scored 3,170 points in the 2017 Field Day event, 252 contacts, 11 participants, in the ONS section. We participated in the 4A section, 4 transmitters, battery powered. For a full report on the 2017 Field Day, check QST December 2017.


Field Day 2017

Some photographs of Field Day 2017 taken by Brad VE3NRJ:

2016 Field Day

2016 field day logo

EARS will be operating Field Day 2016 at the Keystone Complex in Shedden, ON from 10 AM Saturday June 25 until 12 noon Sunday June 26. Come on out and visit us.

Link to times when the Field Day bulletins will be sent out: 2016-w1aw-sked

Field Day 2014

Some photos from Field Day 2014. Because of other scheduled activities, I did not get to spend much time at the Field Day site.

fd2014_01 fd2014_02 fd2014_03 fd2014_04 fd2014_05 fd2014_06 fd2014_07 fd2014_08 fd2014_09 fd2014_10 fd2014_11