Al’s Tower

Al Putnam’s Tower

This is the story in pictures of the raising of VA3LX Al Putnam’s tower a few years ago. Unfortunately since that time, Al has passed away and the tower has been taken down but the antennas on the top of this tower performed well when it was in use.




2 responses to “Al’s Tower

  1. Hello to the St. Thomas Radio club from former VE3LTW, now VE7LTW located in Cranbrook, BC. Just logged on to your web site to find out why I haven,t heard from Al Putman in a while. So sorry to see he has passed away. Can Mike or Dave Tilley let me know what happened. Seems odd to see the tower pictures going at his house as it was me that gave him that antenna when I moved out here. Say hello to all. Take care Dave Facey VE7LTW

  2. I removed the tower for a customer. VE3TLT Trevor

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